BREAKING: BioBand Watch for Seniors Takes the U.S. by Storm – Health Benefits Proven to Save Lives!

Most of the smartphone-loving population love smartwatches as well. And with good reason – from counting steps to monitoring heartrates and blood pressure to calorie counting, they have some really excellent benefits.

One group has been slow to adapt to smartwatches – seniors. And the reasons are clear: they are difficult to use, and they are very expensive.

But what if there was a brand new smartwatch on the market designed with all that in mind... Plus, this cutting edge watch was designed to save your life.

Meet the BioBand Watch -- :The Smartwatch That Does It All, With Life Saving Technology

BioBand has been such a hit with Seniors that they've nicknamed it the "Heart Watch", and if you visit any 55 and up community, you can see that they've become somewhat of a fashion statement, with almost everyone wearing one!

The BioBand Watch does everything a smartwatch does, but with a critical focus on another area, tracking your Heart's health easily, without doing anything but wearing it.

Because of It's Famous Inventor, Amazingly Affordable Price, And Life Saving Tech, BioBand Watches Are Selling Like Hot Cakes...

The new watch was the brain child of Dr. Ben Carson. He began working on this shortly after his mother passed away from a Heart Attack. Ben overheard the doctors telling him that if she would've gotten to the hospital 5 minutes sooner, it could've been a very different story. She would likely still be here today, with her grandchildren.

Each year over 700,000 people in the US die from heart disease. It seems like an unavoidable monster that every person will have to deal with as we get older, but after seeing these next research numbers, Ben got a brilliant idea and turned into a man on a mission... Save seniors(or anyone for that matter) from Heart Attacks.

He learned that about 90% of these deaths are preventable with early detection and treatment. Basically, 5 minutes can mean the difference between life and death.

BioBand was created with just that in mind. To detect the earliest signs of a Heart Attack, so you can be alerted and by the time the worst happens, help is already on the way.

BioBand Does Everything That People Buy a Smartwatch For: Takes calls, counts steps, message alerts, and is extremely easy to use...

But honestly, it’s the genious health features that have made it such a hit, especially for seniors. Health features like:

  • Health and heart monitoring - blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen and beats per minute (BPM). All in real time which is huge!
  • Sleep monitoring – see how well you are sleeping.
  • Calorie Monitoring (this is seriously useful).
  • Fitness tracking – record your workouts and compare them.
  • And of course, it’ll count steps.

The secret to BioBand Watch is the green laser in the back of the watch. It monitors your BioBand signs like heart rate, BP, and more. It’s like having a doctor with you 24/7.

Why These Health Features Matter...

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist (editor’s note: but you will feel like one with this watch on… ok, back to the article) to understand the benefits of knowing your heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen level, and we know that early warning is life saving.

This is important for everyone, but it’s especially important for those 45 and over.

Heart Attacks have been called "the silent killer" because they often have no alarming symptoms until its too late, but they do have silent clues from your heart's pattern – which is exactly what BioBand was designed to monitor.

Basically, BioBand can know you are having a heart attack before you do, so you can seek that life saving help when seconds count.

Aside from early warning, regular exercise, better sleep, counting steps… they can all lead to better health and longer lives. No wonder seniors are loving this watch.

What Other Features Does the BioBand Watch Watch Have?

We’re going to repeat ourselves with the health features at the end of this list:

Ok, So How Much Is It?

Smartwatches are a $5 BILLION dollar industry. That’s because most smartwatches are hundreds of dollars. But why are they so expensive? Two reasons:

1 - Huge tech company expenses and salaries.

2 – People will pay it. Especially hip people who also buy $9 lattes.

But Dr. Ben invented BioBand with one thing in mind after his mother as many people as possible. He unleashed BioBand and instantly turned the smartwatch industry upside down.

How? By selling it for a ridiculous $49.95 on their official website here (thanks to their 60% off promo, which was extended last week – good thing you read this today, right?)

They even have package deals where you can get them for up to 75% off, so I odered one for everyone over 50 in my family before they're sold out. Oh, and for my son who's into fitness and tracking his steps.

That’s right. Not $700. Not $500. Not even $295, which would be a STEAL.

But no, you’ll only pay $49.95 if you get it before the 60% off deal expires, or they sell out. But even if it does expire, it’s STILL an awesome deal.

(but don’t be silly – take advantage of the promo. It’s already in extension, and when this batch of stock is gone, the deal will be too.

What Others Have Said

"This is a 5-star smartwatch. I love how easy it is to use, and I love the icons. My friend, who paid $600 for her smartwatch, likes mine better."
- Jill B, 59
"I avoided smartwatches for the same reason I avoided most new technology: I was intimidated by them. But this watch is so easy to use, I didn’t even need help. And I’m a heart attack risk. Knowing my BP gives me HUGE peace of mind!"
- Kenneth C, 62
"My mother got one of these BioBand Watch watches. I was jealous. Like, how could my mother beat me in owning a smartwatch? I checked hers out, and it had everything I wanted, and it was better looking than my girlfriend’s Apple Watch. I got one, and I love it."
- Missy, 29
"I’ll be honest: this BioBand Watch watch has kept me motivated in going to the gym. Everytime I feel like slacking, I look at my wrist and say "get to it". "
- Jim, 36
2023 - Low Stock Alert: The company extended 60% off BioBand Watch until their current stock runs out. The watch has gone viral, and the 60% Discount will be shut down when stock runs out in a matter of days, if not hours.

Good news... if you're seeing this it may not be too late. We will take down this article as soon as we hear they are out of stock.Get your BioBand Watch for $49.95 now.
T. Thomas
I am really impressed with this band. Easy to use and very comfortable. Also love that I can wear it in the shower. Great value for the money. Just as good if not better then more expensive bands I’ve had in the past.
J. Bryant
Suitable for public fitness wear, especially comfortable, more comfortable than other brands of watchband, the appearance is very beautiful, and can be matched with all kinds of clothes, also suitable for various occasions.I prefer to exercise at home. I go for a run once in a while and go to the gym. I think these occasions are especially suitable for me.
All I really wanted was an inexpensive watch that (1) accurately showed time and (2) provided notification of incoming cell phone calls. This does that, and sooo much more. I rarely use the other features, but they are available. As near as I can tell, the medical stuff is reasonably accurate (and I have no idea how that is done). Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Temperature, Oxygen content. Hard to believe.... but something is working there.
Overall a good product, together with the app it is useful for fitness tracking. I'm testing the blood O2 meter and it requires the watch to be on tight for reliable measurements.
K. Neely
Keeps charged for over 7 days! Accurate and user friendly. A great device to use for health updates. Monitors blood Pressure, Heart rate, temperature, oxygen level, counts daily steps, and more! Great price for this device!